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Backyard Grocery Gardens

You've heard me rant about Victory Gardens, and how they have completely gotten away from actually growing edible food in rough times. Who cares about garden design when you can't even afford a bag of salad that you KNOW isn't contaminated?!?!

We're taking it further. Look at the name "Victory Garden" (joke) - we're advocating the "Backyard Grocery Garden". Yes, the Williams family (us) have coined this phrase. But... it looks like other people are doing something similar. Check out these links:

At www.survival-cooking.blogspot.com, which discusses cooking, gardening and other survival and emergency preparedness info, it will increasingly have more postings about how to create a grocery in your backyard. Not only edible, but also fibers to make clothing, herbs for medicine, and much more. The gardening posts will occur more frequently in the Spring/Summer/Fall times of year.

Do you have a favorite website that talks about raising food in your backyard for your family?


mmpaints said...

Thanks for the new links CP. As a self sustained farmer, I'm always looking for new ideas and hints to help me produce more for my family. Freedom Gardens is an awesome interactive site ;)

Kymber said...

I love your rants about "victory gardens" - and wholeheartedly agree! But thanks for the awesome links - I have also put your survival-cooking blog in my favourites! Keep up the awesome posts!

American Prepper said...

I like "Backyard Grocery Garden"! I think I'm going to start using that phrase too, giving you credit of course.