Welcome to the blog, Colorado Preppers. Prepping doesn't mean we think the apocolypse is coming or the earth will blow up. It simply means that we are preparing for any eventuality that may strike here in Colorado (USA) ... from swine/bird flu to blizzards to global financial collapse to loss of income and more. // Come learn with us about things like water purifying and collecting, inventory checks and more. However, we are NOT political and not affiliated with any specific religion or group. // FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO WWW.SURVIVAL-COOKING.BLOGSPOT.COM OR TO FIND OUT ABOUT MY BOOKS ON THESE AND OTHER TOPICS, GO TO WWW.VIKKI-LAWRENCE-WILLIAMS.BLOGSPOT.COM

Prepping book almost ready!!

My survival and prepping for emergencies book was done, then I realized I had forgotten to add sections on prepping for...
...health care crises
...man made disasters
...personal disasters
...financial problems
...political / military disasters
...culture disasters

Now, please bear in mind that I am certainly no expert. Just a simple woman with a tiny farm and a special needs son, who wants to help people through her writing.

I am researching the above, and will write as much as I can about the subjects (although the topics I know the least about may only have a paragraph or two of info).  Then I will edit, polish, then publish.

p.s. Please check out my blog...  www.survival-cooking.blogspot.com

Prepping post LONG over-due!

So sorry I haven't written in a while. Life in Colorado is quite the rollercoaster ride!

First this past Winter wasn't much of a Winter! Warm with an OCCASIONAL bit of snow.  Spring? Warm, chilly, HOT, chilly and now, 4 days before Summer, it still hasn't made up its mind.

Plus the tornadoes, hail storms, constant rain.

I've lost all the garden I've planted. What the hail didn't get, my escaping goats did.

Also been a rough year for our animals. We've lost one doe and 7 goat babies, 8 turkey poults, 2 chickens plus a rooster that was grabbed by something the other night. I hear other people are having a rough year too, with farm animals.

I was nearly finished revising this book (I took it down from Amazon while I did so) then the wonderful ladies at a FB group for Family Preparedness mentioned, oh, 15-20 more scenarios I really need to address!

Love the cover! Do you?

Hoping to release it by the end of July. Shortly thereafter, I will have the audio book released on Audible.com and iTunes.

While I do that book, I am still working on my Healthy Meals from Dehydrated Foods book. (No cover yet). I have approximately 150 recipes but requests are still coming in. I love writing the recipes but it takes time to test all of them!

Stay tuned!

Legal Marijuana in Colorado

Yes, marijuana / pot / weed / maryjane / etc is now legal in Colorado. Of course, you can't have tons of it around, but you can now legally grow a few plants or buy marijuana products and paraphenalia.

How does this effect you?

First, the sales tax collected so far in 2014 has vastly over-met expectations! This will help our schools, roads and much more.

Second, become good at growing 2 or 4 plants at home. If you don't smoke it or eat it, then perhaps you can put some away for a rainy day. Or to barter. Um, legally, of course,

Third, marijuana can help and/or fix medical problems you or a family member might have. My son has epilepsy with autism, ADHD, OCD and other problems. Some strains of marijuana make him super-hyper. So, we are experimenting with different kinds of oils and edibles to help mitigate his meltdowns and seizures.

This is an herb that needs to be in your barter box. Or medical box. Look into it. Research research research. Experiment. Grow.

Because when the SHTF, people won't suddenly NOT have epilepsy, autism, glaucoma, etc.

And please do it legally. Don't need the popo at your door.

Attention Colorado preppers

My family and I live on a tiny farm on the eastern plains of Colorado, not far from Denver. We raise much of our meat, veggies, fruits and other things. Always looking to add more. To learn more.

I am rejuvenating my blog, www.survival-cooking.blogspot.com because between the horrid economy and severe weather problems, the info is valuable. (Not just cooking information.)

Please hop on over, visit regularly, and subscribe/follow.

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At last count, we have 17 girls outside (from 3 months to 2 years) with their 1 rooster, and a rooster run with 6 boys we hatched ourselves.

INSIDE, however, we have 31 chicks (mostly black australorp and red star) in our garage. Most are almost 2 months old but there are 2 a little older. Thank goodness for pine shavings! Whew!  And in our kitchen, we HAD 20 easter egger chicks (day-old) but 3 have already died and another 2-3 look kinda bad.

We're ready for almost any storm we get out here but still wish we had a solar pump on our well and solar panels on our roof. However, with my kid's medical expenses mounting and brain surgery looming, it's just not feasible.

Please keep us in your thoughts.

Vikki at Rosemary Ridge