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The Economy

I heard on the news today that although people are starting to spend again, the economy is still falling into the toilet. I have to agree. The prices of produce and diapers and basics are still going on, as is gas (back on the rise - bought at Sams on Sunday for $1.93 a gallon).

As some of you may know, we've been "prepping" for several years. It appears that if we hadn't, our family would have been making weekly trips to the food banks by now, and begging money from family members.

That's why we have a blog about turning your yard into a "backyard grocery". That's also why we have a blog about cooking with limited resources (money and food). And that's why we have a blog about the basics of homesteading.

We, as a family, are getting by on less money that I made by myself 12 years ago. We have NO credit cards, buy things only with cash, put money in savings every month (even if it's only a little bit), and take care of family first.

We're prepping, but now, it's life we're preparing for. (More posts coming soon!)

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