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Mommy, Where Does Meat Come From?

I couldn't resist ... saw the below quote on another website, and had to copy it! Hilarious!

"To all you hunters who kill animals for food, shame on you; you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed."

So... to the question, "Mommy, where does meat come from?" feel free to answer with either "the grocery store" or "a slaughterhouse and farm" or "the woods". You know. Whatever you're comfortable with. He he he.

What is YOUR answer?


Humble wife said...

Well chicken, turkey, goose, duck, goat, and sheep from our farm...beef from our neighbors, and pork and lunchmeats from the grocery.

This quote is very real when newbies(to farm life) visit us on the farm. We will be asked what or why we have the animals. When we tell them you more often than not see them taken aback.

Interesting how far we have come from our rural roots!

Marie said...

When I get this question, I say which animal the meat comes from, then hope that they won't boycott the meat-- that hasn't happened so far. I do think that children need to know where it does actually come from, so they won't make statements like that one....

PreparingMama said...

We bought chickens with a friend who has property and all the children and I helped at slaughter time. Mine know where meat comes from! Several swung the ax and all helped with the dressing out.

Phelan said...

Several years back I wrote a post on how to butcher a chicken, I got some interesting responses, one was that chicken meat was grown in the store already in plastic. All the posts I have done about butchering different animals since then, has my children watching or helping. If you are going to eat meat, you should know where it comes from. I don't force me children, they come and go as they please, but they will know where it comes from.

That quote above is too funny. And sad as people actually think this way.