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Symptoms of Swine Flu

I was reading the wikipedia entry for this 2009 Swine Flu outbreak, and loved the picture they had that depicts the symptoms of the swine flu. Here it is:

In addition to replenishing our lost supplies (gloves, masks, etc.), I also stopped by the health food store for sambucol (elderberry syrup), horehound tea leaves, and more. We brought home 16 gallons of water, more cough medicine, puppy food, dog treats, trash bags, baked beans, and puffed rice to make some special treats that hide spinach (for Tween). We already had everything else we need to last indoors/confined for several months. Maybe longer.

Yesterday the news gave a total of 86 deaths in Mexico due to this outbreak. Today, I see on http://www.cnn.com/ that there are 149.

Could it be that it's really here, or are we just going overboard? Does it matter? I'm basically a hermit anyway, and not going to the mall because I never go to the mall. We don't need to spend money on non-necessities. And our garden, yard and house need tending to, as well as our business and schoolwork.

Enjoy your day. Don't be paranoid or afraid. Just eat healthy, wash your hands constantly, take precautions, get plenty of sleep and exercise, drink lots of water, avoid touching possibly-contaminated surfaces, avoid contact with possibly-infected people, and enjoy your life!

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