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1918 Flu Survivors May Have 2009 Flu Immunity

A recent study showed that people who survived the 1918 pandemic may still have enough immunity to that strain of the virus (in the form of "B cells") that may help researchers develop a treatment for the current H1N1 "Swine" flu strain.

From what I understand, a person gets infected with influenza through typical ways: it enters through mucous membranes: eyes, nose, mouth, etc. The body fights it with an "immune response". Antibodies are produced by "B cells", which leaves the body a little bit immune to the virus. This immunity is strongest over the first few months, then decreases over time.

Researchers are taking these B cells that are left in the 1918 Flu survivors, and experimenting with them (cloning) to provide antibodies.

Even though this 2009 bout isn't expected to be severe or even very deadly, I hope this study will provide a working vaccine.

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