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More H1N1 Swine Flu in Colorado

Two more cases of the H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) have been confirmed in Colorado. They are siblings, located in Arvada (up here, a suburb north of Denver).

From what I understand... The older boy went on a school trip to New York, and brought the virus back with him. School was on break last week, but the family took immediate precautions. Once the symptoms showed, they had the boy and his younger sibling tested, then isolated the family completely. The tests confirmed H1N1 this past weekend. Neither child needed to be hospitalized.

People who had been in contact with these two boys, among others, have been tested. Results are pending.

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Updated April 4 2009 10:05 p.m.: There are now 6 confirmed cases of the 2009 H1N1 (Swine) Flu. One of them is a student (dorm resident) at Colorado University, and has been in isolation for some time now. None of the three CU cases have been to Mexico recently.

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