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Way behind in everything!

I thank you for the e-mails of support - - we're still pushing hard to get this house ready to list. It goes on the market tomorrow and we're not ready yet. Still have carpet cleaning to do, weeding, mowing, and overall cleaning.

Promise... once the house is listed and we get through this weekend, and once I can breath again (!) I'll start to read other blogs and write on ours again.

I definitely want to discuss the new Colorado law about rainwater catchment. Anybody want to guest-post about this?



Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have an update?

Just found your blog and I am enjoying it alot.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Thank you for your comment. We listed the house, but having to leave several times a day for a showing was stressful and not good for homeschooling or blogging! We are under contract (our 3rd) and hopefully we'll close in 2 weeks.

Currently going through major upheaval and a major medical crisis. I'll blog when I can.

Meanwhile, keep prepping! V