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Inventory Check: Sewing Kits

I shop once a month for all dry goods for the next month, for storage, and for barter. I never fail to pick up sewing supplies.

Ready-made clothes may be difficult to purchase should a total collapse happens. People will need the knowledge of sewing and repairing clothing, but also the equipment to do so. For yourself and for barter, stock up on:
-premade sewing kits
-needles, all sizes
-threat, all colors
-velcro, buttons, snaps, zippers

What else can you add to your sewing stock?


Stephan said...

How-to books.
Good wool yarn, and knitting needles.

supermomnocape said...

I've been doing this as well whenever our local fabric store puts their notions on 50% off.

To add to your list:

interfacing (for collars, button bands and waistbands)

elastic in various widths

measuring tapes

seam rippers (even us experienced seamstresses have to occasionally do some unsewing)

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Great additional tips! I have been collecting yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles (even tho I don't knit!), scissors sharpeners, etc. when things go on sale. I try to get a couple spools of thread every time I go to Wally World. Thanks... Vikki

Anonymous said...

You know, if you call it a sewing kit, it sounds kind of girlish.

I call mine a repair kit, and in addition to needle, thread, and thimble, it has fish line, wire, safety pins, ripstop-nylon tape, and other such things.

Much more macho that way.