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How to find other preppers

Here are some helpful hints on finding other preppers locally and in your surrounding area. Its going to be a task in itself since we are being bombarded with propaganda that makes us distrust our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers and even our own family.

When homeland security does a campaign using American money against Americans based upon "if you see something, say something" it makes you wonder, who do I trust or who will I trust moving forward?. Look beyond it, be different.

The best way to build up or build upon a group this late in the game is start with family. Make sure you can trust family first, brother-in-law, mother-in-law. There are like minded people out there including family but maybe they're worried about their own opinion? I know of many family members who have finally had this awakening and are saying, you are right and I heard it on Glenn Beck. What do I do?

Even if they had to hear it on one of "their media" sources to open their eyes, they heard it somewhere and it did opened their eyes. When someone realizes "something's not right here" human nature implores them to seek out more.

Meet with people, go to the diner, discuss what you hear, see and feel. Maybe someone will overhear you and want to join the conversation? At least you are doing something. If you are doing nothing you are helping no one and possibly lending time and effort to the people who are pulling the economic and social strings. Doing nothing you are lending credence to the global takeover, the NWO.

Meet, meet and meet more. People know people.

Place an ad. Every week in our local shopping paper someone adds a message: Lets meet, are you tired of how our government writes laws against it's people... You may find a few people that way, be outgoing. Start a trading ad, trade something others might need if the grid fails that you can afford to lose and when they call start up "that" conversation.

There are many many options today to meet people. People are out of work and many are anxious to know about what to expect if there is a problem, where to go, who to trust. The same as you, they just might not know it.


Anonymous said...

Some good ideas. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would like to meet other Preppers in my area.