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I'm kinda amazed. Awoke to the news this morning that there was an earthquake last night in Colorado, in the Trinidad area, which is near the southern border of this state. Preliminary magnitude of 5.3, worst in 44 years.


No, I didn't feel it, but my livestock are kinda jumpy this morning.

Did I really give consideration to preparing an earthquake bag? Nope. But I will now.  Will you?


Anonymous said...

It gives new meaning to the word Prepper, eh? :-)

Here's another interesting thought I got onto this morning after I heard about the earthquake and started thinking about what I would need for that situation. In all of our attempts to prep for things have we also thought about prepping for the scenario "what if nothing happens and we live to be a ripe old age and retire"?

Vee and the Kid said...

Good point.

I've thought about it but never wrote about it. I try to live my life as if something and nothing will happen.

Thanks, Sumac! Wanna write about it sometime?