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Research before you buy

Hubby fell down a flight of stairs 2 weeks ago, and is still so dizzy (plus a swollen leg) that he went back to the ER last night.

Me...I still can't walk or even exist without unbelievable pain in my legs. Had an MRI on my spine yesterday so hoping that I will soon know why I hurt so much.

Because of our health problems, and my impending knee replacement, we decided to sell most of our livestock: goats, chickens and turkeys. Keeping only enough to harvest in October, and a few chickens to lay eggs for us in the Fall.

We placed many ads on Craigslist.

That said, geez, people! Research before you ask to buy!

Don't call me asking to buy a goat, any goat! What are your needs? Do you have girls that you need pregnant? Do you have nothing and just want something to be a friend for your horse?

"How do you milk a goat?"

"What do I feed them?"

"Why do you say your buck is stinky and in rut? What does that mean? Can we eat him anyway?"

I plan to write more about this ridiculous experience over at www.survival-cooking.blogspot.com so please click on over!

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