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Buy Food Now Before Prices Rise More

Prices for food basics like wheat, rice, and beans (among other things) have risen so much these recent months. And now, prices in grocery ads says they are "fixed" until April 2009. Wondering just how much grocery/food prices will increase as of April. We will be stocking up between now and then, but meanwhile, take a look at the following links:

Make your lists of your basic foods needed. Be sure to stock up on your basics. Get that membership for food clubs now. Buy in bulk there and everywhere else.


American Prepper said...

You guys have done an excellent job with Colorado Preppers. I hope that we are able to send you lots of new preppers lookin for a home in Colorado

(The following is a re-posting from American Preppers Network)
I had an excellent opportunity to stop in, have lunch, and meet CatMan from California for the first time. A pretty awesome guy we all have here operating California. He's got a lot of good ideas. Check out his network whenever you get a chance. He plans to start up sub-chapters within the California Preppers Network. By the way, from now on, whenever I receive a dispatch, I will post my route. If you see that I will be heading your way, e-mail me and maybe we can hook up and talk Preppin' over lunch or dinner.

erniesjourney said...

Great post! Everyone needs to know that hyperinflation will be kicking into high gear soon! Buy now is absolutely right!
God Bless and Prep On

Joel the K said...

Good idea about the food club. I wonder how much a Sams club card costs? And is it any cheaper than Wal-mark? No matter where i look, wally-world is always the cheapest. I hate giving them my money but its so dang cheap i cant help it.

ColoradoPrepper said...

Joel: Our family Sam's membership cost $35 a year. We made that back in rice, salt and olive oil in two trips. We don't like giving our money to Sam's and Wal-Mart either but in this economy, we have to go where we can afford to.

A.P. and Ernie: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glasd to have found this site.
We have a few of us preppers here in CO.
Always lookinf for more communities

ColoradoPrepper said...

Welcome, Anonymous! Let us know what info we can post that will be of help for you and other CO preppers. ReeRee