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Snow and Weather in Denver

Yes, yet another post about weather. I tend to do a lot of those. Especially when I wake up to a whopping 8 degrees F. in the Denver area, with a wind chill of minus 4. Some snow fell over the weekend, and we're supposed to get some more today. Even with this little bit, we're still far behind what we should have.

But, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the mountains have gotten an above-average amount of snow so far for January. With 120% of average snowpack, this current snowpack is the highest since 1997.

That's good, since most of our surface water supplies come from melting snowpack in Spring and Summer. While the mountains didn't get much in the Fall (very dry), enough was dumped to make up for it in December.

This is good news, right? Too bad the plains and other areas of Colorado aren't get much (besides damaging wind gusts).

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