Welcome to the blog, Colorado Preppers. Prepping doesn't mean we think the apocolypse is coming or the earth will blow up. It simply means that we are preparing for any eventuality that may strike here in Colorado (USA) ... from swine/bird flu to blizzards to global financial collapse to loss of income and more. // Come learn with us about things like water purifying and collecting, inventory checks and more. However, we are NOT political and not affiliated with any specific religion or group. // FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO WWW.SURVIVAL-COOKING.BLOGSPOT.COM OR TO FIND OUT ABOUT MY BOOKS ON THESE AND OTHER TOPICS, GO TO WWW.VIKKI-LAWRENCE-WILLIAMS.BLOGSPOT.COM

First Post

This blog was created to help people who live in Colorado (or want to) prepare for any eventuality. Feel free to tell us what you want info discussed.

Note: There is a 4-family intentional community forming south of Denver. Must be interested in self-sufficiency, homeschooling, spirituality (not religious) and community. Homes will be connected, and partially underground, with a sunroom/courtyard in the middle. Property will have food-bearing trees, bees for wax and honey and pollination, miniature cows, perhaps alpacas.

If you're interested in learning more about this community, please leave a comment here. Thank you!


Marie said...

Glad to see Colorado present and accounted for--I've added your link and look forward to more posts!-

ColoradoPrepper said...

Thank you! Please feel free to tell us what you would like to see us post about. ReeRee

Jayce^ said...

Welcome to the community neighbor, just added the link from the Utah site too.

Wish I could build a community like that too!

smunkey said...

First let me introduce myself and welcome you to the thought and action collective.I am Smunkey good to meet ya and I am HAPPY
that there is a network in gear in my home state. I was born and raised in the ROCKIES, and aim to get back there in the next year. I am currently in Philly but headed home to my mountains. There are many people that are here that can help offer advice and others that can use your advice.

Trashdigger said...

Trash here from the north end of Denver. Found you this morning while click linking from the survivalist blog.. We also have a small group of us Zone 7ers from The survival podcast..
Glad to know you are out here.

cosmicsole said...

Really like your blog. We are currently in San Diego, CA, but are actively looking to move out of state by the end of the year to join a like minded survival group and assist in planning and preparations. Looking forward to staying connected!