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Coyotes in the Denver area

There have been numerous attacks by coyotes on humans in and around Denver lately. Possibly be the weather. Possibly because stupid people have been feeding them.

The coyotes have even been attacking the human's pets - like a 75 pound labrador dog. Yes, those are big dogs, but they've been pets for so long, did it really stand a chance?

Supposedly those in the know are trying to get rid of the coyotes by going out to their stomping arounds at around 6 a.m. and making loud noises, etc. to scare them off.

I'm wondering... who was here first?

By the way - "ki-yo-tee" or "ki-yoat"?


Marie said...

I say ki-yo-tee myself...
Sorry to hear you've got sickness in your household--hope everyone's better soon!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

If you say ki-yoat you probably have a rural/ranch/farm background.