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Good Riddance, Jay Cutler

I'm so tired of hearing about Jay Cutler, QB for the Denver Broncos. Well, not any more, he's not. As of last night he was traded. In my opinion... he threw childish tantrums, ticked off the biggies at the Broncos, and got his wish to be traded. Good luck, Chicago Bears, Baby Jay coming to ya!

Maybe we can all stop watching the saga, and get back to the business of fixing the economy, paying our bills, keeping our jobs, and starting our gardens.
p.s. next week we plan to start posting regular to this blog. any ideas for articles?

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Humble wife said...

Ideas? Urban prep or country prep...and how you go about this.

Native foods in your region that may be useful in hard times.

How the locals in your area are responding towards the current economic situation.

Raising animals
weapon training
first aid first responder info

Ok maybe too many ideas! Actually how about post about how you ended up on the prep circuit and why you understand the need to prep?