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An Improvised Tent

Don't want to spend money on a tent? Here's a suggestion:

Tube Tent:
Improvise a tube tent by using two 55-gallon drum liners, or other very large dark-colored trash bags. These are thicker and stronger than regular large dark-colored trash bags. You'll need that.

Cut the end out of one of them, and tape the two together (kinda like a sleeping bag - closed at one end and open at another). Use good strong tape, like duct, to make sure there are no holes. It is completely waterproof (not just water resistant). You should have room inside for your sleeping bag too.

One downfall: this tube tent won't breathe, and will gather the moisture exhaled from your body, possibly dripping on you in the middle of the night, or freezing then dripping on you later. If this is a problem, you could cut the other end out to help move the air.

This is a very portable tent, and folds into a very small little package. There isn't any room for your gear, but you'll have purchased a waterproof backpack, right?

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Humble wife said...

I am going to copy this post and add these bags for a just in case emergency...you know like we are all preparing for!

Thanks for the tip and keep up the great posts!