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Analog Wind-Up Watches

Hubby's been looking for an analog wind-up watch, one that won' t be dependent on batteries when things hit in the fan. He's been looking at local watch shops, and asking around, but just about everything is very expensive, or can't find parts for.

Man's and woman's. Second-hand preferred.



Anonymous said...

I have done some searching myself and was unable to find anything. I know there are solar powered watches, and kinetic energy watches, but those are fairly expensive.

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Anonymous said...


Also check out antique stores. I live in the boonies and I still found a couple that were really cheap here for under 5 bucks. (One was an automatic or the kenetic kind that self winds from your arm movement. It was"broken" untill I picked i up and shook it gently and it took off running.) The downside is that I cannot figure out to set th day of the week. But for 2 bucks who cares? If you want a lovely gold plated or solid gold art deco watch you will pay through the nose but good old clunky 50's 60's and 70's watches with less collectable appeal can be had for a song. If you want a pretty 60's watch that has been reconditioned you can get one for under 50 bucks on Ebay. Not an omega or one of the really top top brands, but maybe an old elgin or bulova.
Wallmart actually carries the big ben and baby ben wind up alarmclocks. The little one is about 10 bucks.
Be aware that there is a big mob of watch collectors out there and the "value" can vary wildly for collectable appeal and the really top top quality and brands are never cheap unless you find one on a fluke. But if what you want is a decent quality wind up that is servicable it can be had and quite reasonably.
I recomend that you buy american here and avoid the classic "mint" or NOS watches that are coming from over seas.I'ld bet the ranch that these are 'reproductions" of dubious quality.
I also invested about 10 bucks in a cheap set of watch tools and am going to get some watch grade oil (it is extra fine, the heavy stuff can apparently clog a watch) because you are essentially buying a really small high quality machine that will eventually need maintainence. The fate of most old wind ups is that they get chunked in a drawer when they stopp running when all they may really need is a cleaning and some fresh oil.

American Prepper said...

Analog watch..That's a good Idea, I'm going to start looking for one myself. That really has me thinking...I've been dependent on my cell phone for so long, hadn't thought about what to do about telling time if that thing were to ever become useless when SHTF

Anonymous said...

Fortunately there are a lot of them out there on the net. Just google wind up watch or wind up pocket watch. Good luck

Doug said...

From Hubby,

Thank you for all your suggestions. I am going to use them to find some for the family. I am hoping to find a kinetic or automatic that was made in the 70's or 80's since I had one at that time and it was a very reliable watch. I will have to research the solar ones to see if they are reliable and how long they can go without sunshine or if they can be charged by the light of a lamp. Thanks for all the responses!


Warren said...

You could always buy a typical battery powered watch and a few extra batteries. That would get you a decade of accurate time.