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A Hot Day in Colorado

Here in the Denver area, we're expected to pass 90 degrees today. It's already hot on the ground floor of our home so I'm really dreading going upstairs.

But it got me thinking...

  • I have some candles stored on the top floor. They got kinda melty last year in the triple-digit temperatures; if this year is already starting out so incredibly weird and hot, then they'll just downright melt. I need to move them to the basement.

  • While most of our food is stored in the basement, we do have quite a lot in tubs on the ground level. We need to move those to the basement.

  • We put away the swamp coolers last year without cleaning them. We need to do that before we use them again, or we could be introducing mold and bacteria into the atmosphere.

  • We have the hats handy for when we're out doing yardwork and gardening. But they don't cover the back of our necks, as evidence by Tween's burn from last Friday. I really should add a "flap" of material/fabric to the backs of the hats. May look stupid but we don't really care about looks anyway!

  • I was planning to wait until Memorial Day weekend to finish planting the garden, but with the weather going as it is, I'm thinking we really should do it this week.

  • Our horse-puppy (the 50-pound 5 month old Dalmatian-Rottweiler-Alaskan Malamute) just threw up on the living room floor. We think it's because he's so hot. Maybe a good brushing would help.

  • When the tempearture goes up, tempers flair. Yes, even mine! And it's already started. Too bad we don't have a pool!

Thursday and Friday are supposed to be cooler, in the 60's, with rain. I think we'll get a lot done then.

So... what's on YOUR list of things to get ready for this already-here very hot weather?

Note 7:20 p.m. Just checked the thermostat upstairs and it reads 87 degrees F. Un-friggin-believable!


Anonymous said...

Wow 90 in Denver? It's only 70 here in KY!

Kentucky Preppers Network

ThrtnWmsFam said...

I'm from Louisville, Ky and talked with family and friends this past weekend. You all have had a lot of rain. Hoping you've sent it this way! Vikki