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Edible Plants

The forests are full of edible items. I wouldn't dare to give you information about this. There are a lot of books on the market that have pictures. This is a MUST to invest in if there's a possibility of needing to eat while out in the wild.

Do keep in mind, though:
  • Dandelion leaves, before the plant flowers, are good eaten raw or steamed

  • Wild Chives, good eaten raw

  • Blueberries, and many other berries

  • Rose-hips (high in vitamin C)

  • Mushrooms - a book is MUST - too many edible mushrooms have toxic look-a-likes

  • Spruce and fern needles are good for a tea
Get a book for your area. You could eat like a gourmet in the bush!

Update March 11, 2014:  I plan to write more about these this year. Please visit www.survival-cooking.blogspot.com for more information. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I've got a couple books on wild edible plants. They're good to have.

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