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Off Topic: South Carolina Governor

What's up with this South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford? He's missing for a couple of days, irresponsibly, by not telling anyone in the family or on staff that he's going hiking, which is what they finally said he was doing.

Turns out he's out having an affair with Maria in Argentina, where he start the affair a year ago. Did this gov not realize his political career would be over? Plus... his family... the pain, humiliation, and complete elimination of all trust?

I never understood this ... not even when my first husband cheated on me in 1985.... WHY can't people withstand physical urges? If he can't stop himself from having sex, how can I believe that he will stop other base urges, like embezzlement or murder?

Geez! Grow up, people!

= = =

p.s. WHO paid for those TRIPS to Argentina? Hotel? Gifts? Food? Drinks?

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Anonymous said...

This is an odd one. Gov. Sanford seemed like a good one.

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