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My Rambling Prepping Thoughts

As most of you know, we're getting our house ready to sell. We've redone most of the landscaping and tried/still trying to kill weeds. I'm planting flowers for the first time, to make the landscaping look nice, but I hate growing flowers because they have no medical or nutritional value. We're fixing up the inside, painting, storing most of our stuff, and arranging furniture. Our savings has dwindled down to nothing, leaving exactly nothing to pay commissions of buyer and seller agents. I've thrown my back out and hurt my legs and shoulders so badly that I can't sleep at night and pop pain relievers day and night. Every other day we're running down to the basement to wait out tornado warnings and the accompanying hail that bashes against those flowers and the few berry plants we'll be moving with us. It's raining right now, with thunder so loud the whole house shakes.

I hate this.

I don't want to pack. Or redecorate. Or spend money on a house we need to get rid of. I want to write. To work with my kid's schoolwork and plan his next semester. I want to raise my garden and dehydrate the harvests. I want to keep my stored items where I put them, and not in boxes in a storage unit a mile away. I want to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours. I want even a few hours of painlessness.

But selling this house will be worth it. Right?

This horrible town has such strict rules. We can't have chickens or bees or farm animals. We get ticketed for not moving our cars often enough (even if they are on our driveway) and ticketed for weeds taller than a few inches. Our across-the-street-neighbor is horrible and mean and bent on doing everything he can to own the world. Our next-door-neighbor, the one who got drunk and ran down part of our fence, is raising grandkids who are little monsters, and has a speedboat (mind you, we're nowhere near water) that he hasn't moved in a year, and it's full of water that breeds mosquitos and god-kn0ws what else.

Our next place will be our final homestead, where we can have the animals and plants we want. And less stairs!

But is it really? Our final home, I mean.

I hate the turns this government has taken over the last 9 years. We, the People, have lost so many of our rights. Every phone call or e-mail or text message or blog entry is screened for certain words that could label me/us as domestic terrorists. Sure, we could buy our perfect homestead in the next 3 months but could we keep it? It seems like any ole government agency could decide they need rights to our land and just take it away. That doesn't seem right, does it? Plus property taxes are rising but those same property values are falling. Again, doesn't seem right!

I thought Obama would make things better, but ammo is tagged and counted now? My freedoms are disappearing, albeit a slower rate than when Bush was Prez. I feel confined and locked-in. Like I'm not in America any more.

Yes, I'm a prepper. I grow and store our familly's food. I learn how to defend my home and my family. I learn valuable skills, like making medicine from herbs and candles from beeswax and elderberries. I know how to make paper. I'm figuring out how to grow cotton and to spin and weave it.

But will anything I've done make a difference if the government takes away my home and civil rights?

In the end, will it matter?


Anonymous said...

The government might try to take what you have but I wouldn't let it go without a fight. You work hard for what you have and nobody has any right to take it away from you. No individual and especially not any government.

Kentucky Preppers Network

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Yeah, the second I raise my weapon against the government official that comes knocking on my door to take my home, is the second that I get gunned down. It's a conundrum.