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Sailor Showers Save Time and Money

In an effort to save time and water I have started taking "Sailor Showers" and have shortened my showers down to 10 minutes and use even less water.

The method for doing this is as follows:
  • Start your water

  • Soak your washcloth, head and body, then turn off the water

  • Get your shampoo and work it into your hair

  • Soap up your washcloth and wash your body

  • When everything is scrubbed well, start the water again and rinse off all the soap and shampoo.

If you are fast enough then you will be done with your shower in about 10 minutes or less and will have used maybe 5 minutes in time of water or less depending on how long it takes you to rinse off.

This method of showering makes not only sense ecologically, but also economically as your water bill is greatly reduced.

Posted by "Hubby"


Anonymous said...

Great post. I always try to take fast showers. In and out.

Kentucky Preppers Network

ThrtnWmsFam said...

This posting was due to trying to reduce Hubby's long showers. I rarely take a shower longer than 5 minutes - even when I'm conditioning my hair (which hangs to my waist). Still working on the length of Tween's showers! Vikki

NetButch said...

After 20 years in the Navy, You can cut your water time to about 2 mins. if you know where to set the temperature knob. :-) Also, the navy showers have buttons on the nozzle you must hold with your hand to keep the water running, so if you are a two handed washer, it cuts off automatically, but keeps your temp setting in place. I think you could buy a nozzle like this if you went digging in your hardware store.

Wayne C.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Wayne: That's a problem we have right now with our knobs: never stay put so part of my 5 minute shower time is adjusting the temp to be cool enough. Then Hubby likes his showers hotter so he has to readjust it too. Can't wait till we get to the next house and if there aren't two shower heads, we're installing a second one! Vikki

Anonymous said...

Clever idea. The water pressure in our house is so weak that showers takes longer than with normal pressure.