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Tornados in Colorado

Seems like last year we had only a couple of tornados here in the Denver area. At the most, two. This year, in the past 3 weeks, we've had at least 5. That's a lot isn't it?

Just came inside from getting 2 tons of rock delivered (to make our back porch area look purty to sell the house) and sat in front of the TV thinking about what to do next. A weather warning was flashing so I turned up the volume.

Tornado warning:
As of 1:20 p.m.:
Castle Pines, the Pinery, Surrey Ridge, Sedalia, Ponderosa Park, Parker, Elizabeth, and South Central Aurora

Unbelievable. It's happening again.

When the tornado warning happened up here 2 days ago, it passed within a mile of our home. That's not good, considering my Tween is very terrified of tornados. As soon as we found out, we grabbed our stuff (him books and a pillow, me my purse laptop and the emergency radio) and headed to the basement. We had just finished getting that room cleaned up so I could hang curtains, so it was quite comfy. I plugged in the laptop and kept abreast of the situation. My cell phone kept ringing from concerned hubby and his mom but I didn't want to talk since I didn't bring down my cell phone charger. Tween wanted to go up to get it, but I refused. I'd rather have him safe.

What did I learn?

Grab my cell phone charger too! Keeping calm helps keep the Tween calm. Books help pass the time. Everything can be replaced except for people.

What did I do right?

Pretty much everything. We have our supplies down there - our portable potty and toilet supplies. Food. Water. Communication devices. Flashlights, batteries, candles, lighters. Books. Blankets and pillows. And if the tornado actually hit, we could quickly get into the crawl space under the house for added protection.

Be safe, peoples!


Anonymous said...

Great job. Warning need to always be taken seriously. I went through a tornado last year and didn't listen to the warnings. I barely made it out alive so now I take warning more serious.

Kentucky Preppers Network

ThrtnWmsFam said...

I used to live over there in Louisville. We had a major tornado on a April 3, 1974. I remember because mom didn't want to be late for church that afternoon. I was terrified, as were my two sisters. Not the smartest thing my mom ever did. Destruction all around us. It was ugly.

Matthias - glad you understand the power and total unpredictability.