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Preparing for a Winter Storm

Winter will be here soon.... at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Take note of these preparations:

  1. Remove anything from outside that could fly around and damage your home, car, or neighbors property or people. Trash cans can actually fly when the wind gusts get big!

  2. Bring inside the outdoor furniture, unless it’s specifically made for winter or aggressive outdoor use. The garage, basement or shed is a good place for these.

  3. Check your yard for splintering or dead trees. If they fall, what would they fall on? Look at the entire radius. Cut them down or hire someone like a professional tree service to do it.

  4. Check your supplies, especially flashlights, extra batteries, a hand-crank radio, candles, lighters/matches, and alternate source of heat during a power failure. That could include a space heater or generator and fuel (store in garage).

  5. You need extra bottles of drinking water – one gallon a day per person for drinking and sanitation. If you know the storm is about there, do your cleaning and showering, then clean the tub and fill it up with water. Use that water to flush the toilet.

  6. You’re stocking up for a blizzard or even a light winter snowstorm so you definitely need rock salt and sand and special items to melt ice on the driveway, porch and steps. Remember to include brooms and snow shovels.

  7. If you have a long driveway or live in the boonies, book a snow-plowing service in advance of the storm. The biggie: food! Keep enough at home, especially items you can prepare without electricity. There are many different ways you can heat a can of soup using candles or sterno. Research and practice before you have to rely on them for your life. Remember your can opener.

Anything else you can think of?


Preparedness Pro said...

Great tips. It's time to get out the warm blankets and clothing for winter, as well. In the event of a power outage, we're going to want to bundle up.


Secular Survival / Kriya said...

Great information. It's is definitely going to be a hard long and early Winter. Timely information, considering it actually snowed in Conifer, CO yesterday!

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