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Rocky Mountain Sustainability Fair

If you are able to get to Ft. Collins this weekend, you need to check out the Rocky Mountain Sustainability Fair (see: http://www.sustainablelivingassociation.org/thefair/ ).


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September 19-20, 2009 in Fort Collins, Colorado
Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm

FAIR ADMISSION: $8/day, Kids under 12 free, Tickets at the entrance

2008 Inspiring Statistics
Exhibitors 225 — SOLD OUT
Attendees 11,873
Workshops 86
Volunteers 276
ONLY 275 lbs of trash
84% waste diversion
3502lbs Electronics Recycled

The Sustainable Living Association - Who They Are and What They Do!

The Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association is a Fort Collins, Colorado based non-profit organization committed to applying our vision and expertise toward a sustainable future for all.

Their mission is to educate people and communities in the Rocky Mountain region about healthy sustainable choices. They primarily accomplish this mission through their annual Sustainable Living Fair in September, the largest event of it’s kind in the Rocky Mountain region.

Their educational programs and workshops offer creative solutions and practices in a wide range of sustainable living topics such as renewable energy and alternative fuels, environmental & social responsibility, natural health, green building, organic agriculture, local economies and more. These workshops deliver valuable benefits, improving the relationship between people and the environment. They encourage an ongoing dialogue which leads to a better understanding and respect for our individual connection to the global community. They also provide individuals with the necessary tools, technology and knowledge to sustain these practices, for their personal wellbeing and the long-term benefit of our planet.

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This little family is hoping to go - depends on our move. We have several booths we especially want to check out, and there are a LOT of workshops that we will try to split up between us. This is a great opportunity to find alternates to everyday products and possibly how to live green when prepping for catastrophic situations. Backwoods Home Magazine (my fav mag) is scheduled to have a booth! Check out this fair!

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