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Smoke Haze over Denver from California Fires

A significant amount of smoke from wildfires in California (and Canada, Utah and here in Colorado) has drifted as far as Denver, Colorado, and possibly beyond. And while it's making some beautiful pictures (of which none of mine came out!), it's posing health problems for people along it's route.

The health alert has been lifted for Denver as of today, but the smoke is still there. AND it's moving more north. If you see the haze, you know your body felt it a while ago. If you don't need to be outside, or to exercise outside, be careful and stay in. Same goes for your pets.

You don't want to compromise your respiratory system with this "haze" ... not with a major respiratory illness (H1N1 flu) coming along the pike.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Would probably be a good idea to wear a face mask when outside.

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