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Possible electricity outage

Well, we're about 20 hours into this blizzard, and our electricity has started blinking off and on. I'm thinking we're gonna have an outage. I'm gonna log off now and bring out the candles. Might go on and prepare dinner. Meanwhile, everyone have a snug and warm day!

I'll log back on when I can.


MelVil said...

its now 2 am in co im in Gj we had our first snow of the season. its starting to get really cold
its 12 hrs from when U last logged on (your probably asleep) hope your warm and the power is on.

Stephan said...

Power is stable in north Denver. Hope things are fine.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Power continued to flicker off and on, but never completely went off and stayed off. May have been just isolated to this area. Vikki