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Blizzard hits Colorado. Life stands still.

... ... at least, that's what Channel 7, ABC, thinks. Just because a little snow fell and is still falling, they think all regularly scheduled programming should be canceled or put on hold so they can keep showing the same weather map and pictures and film of slow-moving traffic. Hey, DENVER CHANNEL 7... pay attention! The people watching your TV station are the same people that are snug at home! The people that need the weather information will listen to the radio or check online.

Geez. Idiots.

p.s. Yes, where I live we already have 12 inches of snow, with it not supposed to stop until tomorrow late, but I'm a prepper and am completely ready. Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

It's a balmy 88 degrees here today. Air conditioner is running and life is good. No shoveling for us!
Life in the sunshine state...wish you were here!

Humble wife said...

Oh I am a bit jealous not to see snow, but the storm you are getting is giving us a cold front...brr---praying that all will go well with you and yours.

New Mexico Prepper

Anonymous said...

Just lots wind on the west slope. Only a couple of inches of snow. talk about a role reversal. that's el nino for ya.