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"Living the Good Life"

I found this book at the library, and it got me thinking. Do I just want to "prep" to be ready for any eventuality, or is my preference that I learn skills to enable me and my family to survive through anything. Store versus grow. Prep versus skill.

Okay, I can't imagine living without toilet paper, so I'll store LOTS of that until I can figure out an alternative. Meanwhile, I'd rather prepare for things that could/might/maybe/will happen by learning how to take care of myself, just like our ancestors did not so long ago.

Have you read this book? It's by Linda Cockburn who now lives in Tasmania. She and her hubby and young son did a 6 month experiment in which they spent almost no money, just on essentials like utilities, medical expenses, etc. She admits they weren't perfect, but they did the best they could, and are even now striving to live "lighter" on the earth.

What do you think?


Trashdigger said...

you got me excited with this post. I thought you had found Scott and Helen Nearings "living the Good Life"
But alas. It is a suggested reading on my blog that I refer to many many times along with the Foxfire books out of Appalachia

bugwart said...

ya foxfire is bad ass. the have more plan wasn't bad either.

Anonymous said...

My, my. We are a spoiled generation, aren't we? In just over 100 years we've come to believe that electricity, gasoline, toilet paper and the like are necessities, when thousands of generations before lived without them.
I'm not saying they all lived well. A lack of modern medical care is in no way the "Good Life". It is endless hard labor to be self-sufficient, and loosing just one member of the team causes privation for all the others. Billions have died young and worn-out over the centuries living the so-called Good Life.
Still, though we are blessed in these times, it is good for the soul to learn the difference of what we want, and what we NEED.