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Prepping saved me and Hubby

I have the swine flu. Again. It's much worse this time. Can't believe I got it, despite my prepping, taking supplements, eating healthy, and using hand sanitizer. But still, I got it and can barely move (only online to check messages and write this, then it's back to bed).

Last night I was practically crying. My throat hurts so much. The tamiflu has given me the trots. The constant coughing has hurt my ribs. Headache and general body aches. You get the picture.

Suddenly I remembered that as we were packing up our house to move here, I had made a special "flu" box. Hubby remembered where it was and grabbed it. I found the vapor chest rub, cough medicine, lozenges, ibuprofen, elderberry syrup, and more. I swept up these wonderful goodies in my arms and cried. Family already thinks I'm nuts; this just clenched it.

I sucked on a zinc lozenge while I planned my attack on this virus. This thing is not gonna beat me. I actually slept most of last night. Nyquil-Wal-mart-brand is wonderful.

Believe me, Hubby is glad that I packed that box. Otherwise, I was planning to send him out for flu supplies. Thankfully I also had stocked up on tissues (on my 2nd box since Saturday), food my family can fix for themselves, hand sanitizer, bottled water, tea bags, and much more.

Be well, people. This thing is a nightmare.


Preparedness Pro said...

What terrible encounters you have had with the H1N1 flu virus. I hope that you and yours a quick recovery. You may want to look into the Thieves Essential Oil. I swear by the stuff.


ThrtnWmsFam said...

Thanks. I'd never heard of it. Will look into it. Vikki