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Update on our family's swine flu

I still have it, bad. Hubby came down with it yesterday. Kid woke up with a cough this morning.

HOWEVER, I'm starting to feel better, so is Hubby, and the Kid might not get a full-blown case of the swine flu. So.... we're thinking that all of the herbal supplements and other precautions we took are helping us beat this. Between the goldenseal, echinacea, garlic, vitamins d and c, multi-vitamin, and eating fairly health with fruits and veggies, this thing is starting to subside.

Keep using hand sanitizer. Lysol your house at least once a day. Sanitize laundry (especially hand towels, wash cloths, handkerchiefs, etc.) with vinegar in the rinse cycle. At the first sign of a cough, increase your supplements. Use vapor chest rub when possible, keeping a shirt on to prevent the goo from getting on pillows and sheets. Get a good night of sleep, propping your head up if you can. LOTS of fluids (water, herbal tea, 100% fruit juice)... try to 6-8 ounces an hour. Eat lots of veggies and fruits, simple proteins, whole grains. Stay away from all dairy, unless it's made out of rice or soy milk. Have bananas, rice (or rice cakes/rice crackers), applesauce and gatorade on hand if tummy troubles start up. Take it easy ... don't do too much (like I did today: 3 loads of laundry, cooked dinner, unpacked 2 boxes, and cleaned the kitchen).

I'll keep you updated as I can. I plan to sleep most of the night and probably most of tomorrow. Stay well.

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