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Something I absolutely need to say: so many of us think we can just store a few things, plus guns and ammo, and plan that when things get ready to hit the fan, you'll have time to order the seeds, plant the garden, and acquire your farm animals.

Don't plan on it.

Sure you MIGHT have time to order seeds, but if you haven't been amending your soil, planning out your garden, marking where the sun hits (all seasons), shadows, and all ... trust me, your garden won't provide food for you.

And yeah, you might have time to get a couple of chickens or a goat, but there is SO much more to it than that. Proper housing for ALL temperatures. Feeding when there are no convenient bags of feed available. What to do when they get sick. How to increase their production.

So much to know that you can't possibly get just from books. Experience is the best teacher.

If you really want to provide for your family in times of trouble, make your plan to get started NOW! Don't put it off, thinking you'll have time later.

Because, quite frankly, you probably won't.

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Rick said...

Absolutely agree! My first garden 2 years ago was so small and quickly overrun by weeds. The second one I tripled the size and killed half of it by over-fertilizing. This year I am quadrupling the size again. We are going to start chickens this year but since we are in town no roosters permitted. But as soon as we move out of town I will already have some experience with them. I have linked your blog to mine! Perhaps I can guest post here some time in the future?!