Welcome to the blog, Colorado Preppers. Prepping doesn't mean we think the apocolypse is coming or the earth will blow up. It simply means that we are preparing for any eventuality that may strike here in Colorado (USA) ... from swine/bird flu to blizzards to global financial collapse to loss of income and more. // Come learn with us about things like water purifying and collecting, inventory checks and more. However, we are NOT political and not affiliated with any specific religion or group. // FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO WWW.SURVIVAL-COOKING.BLOGSPOT.COM OR TO FIND OUT ABOUT MY BOOKS ON THESE AND OTHER TOPICS, GO TO WWW.VIKKI-LAWRENCE-WILLIAMS.BLOGSPOT.COM


With the record heat waves attacking all over, civil unrest in various places (including London?!?!), fires, droughts, PLUS this USA economy, and so on, I really hope you've taken matters into your own hands.

(1) Stock up on foods and water because prices are going UP! Concentrate not only on staples like rice, oats, veggies, fruits and protein, but include a few "fun" items in there, like dum-dum suckers, jars of marinated artichoke hearts or other long-term storage gourmet goodies.

(2) Fill up your propane tank NOW for the winter, and keep your vehicle's gas tank filled up too. Gas prices are pretty decent right now but we all know how quickly that can change.

(3) Keep in touch with your neighbors just in case things happen where you are.

(4) Don't run your electricity up trying to stay cool.  Wanna veg this evening after work? Put on your swim suit and get in the bathtub with a magazine and a tub of cool water. That's bring down your body temp to where you are comfy enough to sleep.

(5) Open your windows at night and let the cool breeze in. Close them up first thing in the morning. And close those blinds and curtains! They don't keep out enough light/heat? Get out those thick blankets and tack them around your window. Who cares if it looks tacky? At least you'll be comfy.

And about this economy,  WTH?!?! Make plans NOW to un-elect your local representatives. They are so scared about losing their jobs and unwavering paychecks that they don't do diddly to get this budget in balance. It's because of them and their fear that we're in even further a mess. GO AWAY! Get these politicians OUT of office and vote in people who can successfully run a business. Those people might have a better chance of just doing what needs to be doing PLUS they won't balk at the possibility of losing their paychecks.

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