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I'm sure you've read about the instance of the deadly Listeria (bacteria?) in cantaloupes. Allegedly, looks like the infected cantaloupes came from a Colorado farm, Jensen Farms. One woman is already suing them because her husband was infected and may never be 100% again.

Absolutely LOVE cantaloupe. My garden didn't do very well this year so I ended up buying the cantaloupe I ate. Probably came from Jensen Farms. Not concerned.

Jensen Farms became proactive this week, killing the rest of their crop, and recalling all produce from everywhere it was sent.

Look, it's not like they purposely infected their cantaloupe. They didn't set out to poison anyone or to kill anyone. Or come up with a reason to shut down their farms.

But chances are, this will cause enough of a financial hardship that they'll need to close their doors.

I feel sorry for them.

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