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In the past week or so, here on the Colorado Plains we've been innundated with unbelievable wind gusts. None of the local TV stations got it right ... breezey my heiny!

Just ask our chicken houses ... if we hadn't set them in concrete this last time, they would have been gone! As it was, we found all kinds of chairs, dog houses and bantam chickens all over the place! Rescrued everything (and everyone!) we could find.

Lesson learned: build things for the worse possible weather, then make it even more sturdy. Just because you don't experience high winds on a regular basis doesn't mean you won't. Do you want to be hunkered down as the zombies roam around (tongue in cheek) then suddenly have to turn your attention to keeping your livestock warm, dry and safe?

Do it now. While you can afford and have access to the supplies and time.

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