Welcome to the blog, Colorado Preppers. Prepping doesn't mean we think the apocolypse is coming or the earth will blow up. It simply means that we are preparing for any eventuality that may strike here in Colorado (USA) ... from swine/bird flu to blizzards to global financial collapse to loss of income and more. // Come learn with us about things like water purifying and collecting, inventory checks and more. However, we are NOT political and not affiliated with any specific religion or group. // FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO WWW.SURVIVAL-COOKING.BLOGSPOT.COM OR TO FIND OUT ABOUT MY BOOKS ON THESE AND OTHER TOPICS, GO TO WWW.VIKKI-LAWRENCE-WILLIAMS.BLOGSPOT.COM


Do I believe the world "will end" on Dec 21 2012? No. That's absolutely ridiculous. Do I prep? Yup.  Why?

Because we live out in the boonies. The closest corner store is about 5 minutes away driving BUT the closest grocery store and town is about 30 minutes away. I can't just pop in and get something I've forgotten. It's not cost effective and the wear and tear on our cars with these back-country dirt roads is ridiculous.  We do have plenty of food, our chickens lay a few eggs a day, and we're still getitng milk from our goats.

When we lose electricity, we also lose heat and water. We do have a fireplace, but the propane furnace needs electricity to move the warm air (stupid, isn't it!). We have a well but the pump is electric, and we can't get anyone to help us find a manual backup pump and can't afford a solar generator for backup, what with my sons' medical bills.

I meant to learn canning this year but couldn't get to it. We have plants growing inside but if the electricity goes out, the plant lights and heat does too.

My son's uncontrolled epilepsy helps me believe we're not gonna end any time soon. He has malformed neurons, lesions and a tumor. All the herbs and homemade remidies have NOT effected his seizures at all so we need pharmaceuticals and surgery and EEGs and other tests.

So, we're KINDA ready for disasters like snow storms (got one last night) but thankfully, I choose to BELIEVE that we're not due to the end of world any time soon. It just can't.

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