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Unless you live with your head in the sandy loam that we call Colorado, you know that we've had an unprecedented amount of wildfires this year. Too many acres have burned. Too many homes. Too much livestock and wildlife is gone.

The closest wildfire was about 30 minutes away, and a former home is now gone.

Are you prepared for a wildfire in your area?

First, make a plan with the members of your household ... what to do if a wildfire becomes uncomfortably close to your home. If it happens while someone is at work, where would them meet you? Nearby Wal-Mart? Grocery? School? Be specific. Hubby and I discuss just last week, and we know exactly what will grabbed, and who: leaving the livestock and taking the service dog plus child. We know where we will meet, to the exact row of the specific parking lot.

Second, the grab-and-go bag. I'll admit, we've let our bug-out bags languish and become out of date, mice-eaten and chick-feather-dusty. We need new ones, and need to repack them. My kid has grown, and his food allergies are different. Plus, now that he has epilepsy, I'd need to grab his big bag of meds and some of his health records. I also need to stock the service dog's vest with some extra bones and poop-bags, and probably should include a day's worth of food, and some bottles of water... heck, I'll just leave the food and water in the car!

Third, I have several boxes of very old family photos and records that my family would probably kill me over, if they were to be burned. I need to get cracking on scanning them onto a flash drive, then make hard copies of some of my favorites, sending the boxes back to family members in a less dangerous state. I can't imagine not having these pictures in the family due to my neglect and procrastination.

Just use your common sense. Prepping can help save your life, but stocking up on all the bullets, bandaids and beans in the world won't stop that fire from consuming your home.

Take care.

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