Welcome to the blog, Colorado Preppers. Prepping doesn't mean we think the apocolypse is coming or the earth will blow up. It simply means that we are preparing for any eventuality that may strike here in Colorado (USA) ... from swine/bird flu to blizzards to global financial collapse to loss of income and more. // Come learn with us about things like water purifying and collecting, inventory checks and more. However, we are NOT political and not affiliated with any specific religion or group. // FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO WWW.SURVIVAL-COOKING.BLOGSPOT.COM OR TO FIND OUT ABOUT MY BOOKS ON THESE AND OTHER TOPICS, GO TO WWW.VIKKI-LAWRENCE-WILLIAMS.BLOGSPOT.COM

Attention Colorado preppers

My family and I live on a tiny farm on the eastern plains of Colorado, not far from Denver. We raise much of our meat, veggies, fruits and other things. Always looking to add more. To learn more.

I am rejuvenating my blog, www.survival-cooking.blogspot.com because between the horrid economy and severe weather problems, the info is valuable. (Not just cooking information.)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. We live not far from you, north of Denver along I25 corridor. Been getting more into self sufficiency with our 6 yr. old homeschooler