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Legal Marijuana in Colorado

Yes, marijuana / pot / weed / maryjane / etc is now legal in Colorado. Of course, you can't have tons of it around, but you can now legally grow a few plants or buy marijuana products and paraphenalia.

How does this effect you?

First, the sales tax collected so far in 2014 has vastly over-met expectations! This will help our schools, roads and much more.

Second, become good at growing 2 or 4 plants at home. If you don't smoke it or eat it, then perhaps you can put some away for a rainy day. Or to barter. Um, legally, of course,

Third, marijuana can help and/or fix medical problems you or a family member might have. My son has epilepsy with autism, ADHD, OCD and other problems. Some strains of marijuana make him super-hyper. So, we are experimenting with different kinds of oils and edibles to help mitigate his meltdowns and seizures.

This is an herb that needs to be in your barter box. Or medical box. Look into it. Research research research. Experiment. Grow.

Because when the SHTF, people won't suddenly NOT have epilepsy, autism, glaucoma, etc.

And please do it legally. Don't need the popo at your door.

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