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Safeway Specials for Storage

A blogger wrote about a special on potatoes this week at Safeway: 10 pounds for 99 cents. I bought 10 bags so 100 pounds of potatoes for under 10 dollars.

While I was there today, picking up the second set of bags of potatoes, I looked around. Here's what else I found for our storage:

- close-up toothpaste at 99 cents
- betty crocker brownie mix for 79 cents a box
- dial liquid hand soap for 99 cents
- cheerios for 1.67
- rice or pasta roni for 99 cents
- safeway canned beans for 89 cents

While I was in the baking aisle for the brownie mix, just above it I noticed that betty crocker has come up with gluten-free baking mixes: chocolate cake, brownie, and chocolate chip cookies. I got a chocolate cake and brownie, each for $3.70. My kid's birthday is coming up, so he'll get a tasty treat!

These are just the items I took advantage of that were on sale. If only I'd had coupons with me!

Hmmm... wonder what's up next?


Anonymous said...

When does the sale on potatoes end?

Anonymous said...

how do you store 100 pounds of potatoes??

Anonymous said...

U should not use Liquid hand soap as people (children and some adults) use more liquid soap, bar soap lasts longer!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Obama declared the h1n1 pandemic a national emergency on friday?