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Doctor's Orders - Stay Home

I'm going stir crazy. We went out yesterday to get groceries and a winter coat and other winter clothes for me since I can't find the box with my winter clothes in it. Big mistake. My symptoms are worse today. So I called my doc.

I've been told by my doctor's office, in no uncertain terms, to not leave my home. Whether or not I have the swine flu or just the stomach flu, it's contagious, and going around fast. Half of the doctor's office is out sick, and as a side note, my Hubby's office has already put people on notice that if more people call in sick, everyone will be sent home to do their job at home.

Just curious... I've been sick with the flu before. Not often, but enough times to have NEVER been told by my doctor's office to NOT leave my house until I'm well.


Good thing I have enough food, water and medicine to last for a while.

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