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Swine Flu Checkpoints and Concentration Camps?

This youtube vid was forwarded to me. Checkpoints. Swine flu vaccination requirements. Chips. Concentration camps. Could this possibly be real or a hoax?

Not only watch it.... but forward a link to this posting to everyone you know! Thanks.

And... here is the follow-up vid ...

And check out the CDC page that George W Bush enacted in 2003... http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/sars/executiveorder040403.htm

And here's a vid of actually a phone call that sounds legit... again, hoax or real?


Survival Time said...

The first thing I wondered about the phone coversation is the person recording it does not make the other party aware they're being recorded and that's a serious crime.

Secondly, it doesn't surpise me that CDC mandated vaccinations are going to carry the "take the shot or get on the prison bus" enforcement.

How they HELL they made it constitutionally acceptable to do it this way amazes me to no end!

I can see quarantining you in your home or fema facility during the outbreak and release after it has passed, but to just outright lock you up AND charge you $1,00 per day is indicative of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, no two ways about it!

Aloha2U said...

Well, there's nowhere that I can go I'm stuck on an island and there's really not much room here to hold millions of people hostage. I tell you one thing a lot of people here will go out swinging or shooting no in betweens.

Preparedness Pro said...

I would recommend reading up on www.theheartlandusa.com by Dr. Gregory Evensen.