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Is the End Near?

I've been reading so much about how the economic collapse is not only eminent, it's practically here... not to mention the H1N1 pandemic is close to quarantine status, and the idiot politicians in Washington are running roughshod over the needs and real wants over the American people.

We have enough supplies for food, fuel, clothing, seeds, etc. I'm working on the water. I'm learning candle-making and basket-weaving. I have a good supply of homeopathic herbs, and seeds to grow more when we've moved (one last time!).

I've already been hit with the swine flu. Kid hates being confined but is willing to do it for another 3-4 months. Hubby has to go out into the world but is careful about germs.

But holidays are coming. Family still expects to get together. Anyone planning to cancel holiday gatherings in lieu of a quiet time at home?

We still need to leave home to search for our mini-farm. We expect to be settled by Spring. Are we too late?

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I like this blog: (http://mayberry-keepitsimplestupid.blogspot.com/ ) read it when you can.

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Stephan said...

Are you too late? Probably not, but anything can happen. Take measured steps, don't do anything crazy. You'll be okay.

Making predictions is hard, especially about the future.