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Organizing Supplies - non-food

As you know, we just moved. I thought I had carefully packed some of our supplies, but boy was I wrong. I can't find barely anything!

I'll admit that there are some boxes clearly marked as to the contents, but (1) anybody could read the box and know what's in it, and (2) it's mish-mash, with a large variety of contents. One box has a small supply of disposable latex gloves, a couple of mini sewing kits, long-lasting candles, some dried blueberries, etc. Just packed away and labeled, but not organized.

So... I've decided to re-organize. I still have lots of small and medium moving boxes from Home Depot that will work just fine. Each box will contain a single item or a group of similar items. For instance, one box will hold only bar soap. Another box will hold sewing supplies (a variety of sewing needles, thread, zippers, etc.).

And each will be given a "fake" name. Instead of writing "soap" on the box, knowing that the contents are heavy, I'll call it something like "art history books". A lighter box might be called "maternity clothes" or "baby toys" or "1987 vacation pictures". Names will be something most people, especially burglars, would prefer to just skip over.

I'll write the code names and corresponding actual items in a 2 small notebooks, one of which will go in my 72 hour kit, and the second will go in Hubby's kit.

= = =

Note: Writing the above got me thinking about our soap supply. We have about 40+ bars of various soaps, which I'll store in a small moving box and add more until it's completely full. Then I won't touch it. When I need soap, I'll just buy more. This is against the usual adage "first in first out" but since soap doesn't exactly expire, it makes sense. This will NOT apply to food!

Note: And still my mind is working more! Labeling heavy boxes some kind of "books" would work for us because we have 2000+ books, and many are usually on shelves. It would make complete sense for someone to pass through our home and see our many books, then find stored in closets, etc. many more boxes labeled "books". Use what makes sense for you.

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Stephan said...

Maybe I am missing something here. A burglar would just toss everything to find the small and portable valuables they want. And if some "survivalist" killed you and your family knowing you have food and stuff they would toss everything anyway too.
You would want to do something more secure then that for you valuables. If you have a large supply of canned goods and soup can safe is a good idea, just mix it in with your regular soups and your fine. A real safe bolted to the floor would be better, a media rated firesafe best of all.