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The Religious Nature of Prepping

This posting might anger some people, but it's MY blog, and I gotta write it:

I usually read survivalblog.com and although it's very religious, I try to read it and ignore the religious aspects (read: ram-down-your-throat religion) of the blog. But I gotta tell you, what I read this morning truly ticked me off. Link: http://www.survivalblog.com/2009/11/sharing_your_faith_after_teotw.html. Recap of the article: most people prepping are Christians. Use catastrophes to bring people to their way of thinking. Stock up charitable giveaways but don't give them away too quickly. Etc. Etc. Etc.

My sisters and I were brought up Southern Baptist and Catholic .. yes, quite a combination. We went to church every Wednesday, and three times on Sunday. More often when it was Summer or for special choir practices. I was truly immersed in religion. Christianity. But when I started thinking for myself, I realized that there were a LOT of contradictions and hypocrisy about the religions I had grown up with.

My religion is now Spirituality. I have a relationship with my Maker, and I do NOT believe that we only get one shot; that there's only one way to get to heaven; that God decides my life for me, and that God is to be feared. But I don't ask other people to believe as I do. I try to live a decent life, reconciling in my mind and heart how to live and be and raise my child. I think I do ok.

So when I read an article like the above-mentioned, it ticks me off. Like only Christians will survive the coming times because they are the ones who prepped and preached and so forth. Bull-hockeys.
God didn't create the mess the world is in. WE (HUMANS) did. So thinking that he will purge the earth of "heathens" is idiotic. He'll do no such thing. WE will. With our stupidity, narrow mindedness, greed, laziness, and all around self-entitlement.
If you're a Christian, why are you stocking up on weapons and ammo? Does the Bible come right out and say that it's ok to kill when you're in the right? What about the other people who are "in the right" and try to kill YOU? Want to quote Jesus? How about this... he and his followers gave up all possessions to minister to others. If you're such a Christian, why do you have a fancy car, property, masses of junk silver, and a big ole belly?
Truly, I despise hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

Amen Brother! LOL Though I most firmly believe in Jesus Christ, and His version of "God the Father", I do not, most often, believe in Christians. They are a pompous overbearing lot for the most part, jealous, petty and holier than thou with their lips but not their hearts and hands.
Enough of that. It gets me nowhere.
I believe we are at the end of times. I believe in the coming collapse, and that it will not end until Christ ends it. To that end our prepping is not just so we may survive a few years of trial, it is so we may survive to fight and win the final battle. In the meantime, step one is to gird yourself. Store up necessities for you and your family. Be prepared also for evil to rear its head. You are on the front lines.
It may be pseudo-Christians whom you find yourself fighting.

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