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Update. Kinda. Boy I'm swamped.

I know it's been a while since anyone posted on here. The guest had a physical injury so couldn't do it anymore, and my life is in turmoil. My kid started having seizures last April (2011) and has since developed epilepsy, with 3 different kinds of seizures. He loses big chunks of time.  We also do schooling from home, although I'm trying to find a school who will take him with all of his medical conditions.

Then there's working with his seizure-alert/autism therapy dog. Breeding the goats and chickens. Building new housing for all. Fixing up the house so we have actual storage space. Hubby's father passed last summer, and it's been a difficult situation all around. It's chick season: one broody hen just hatched all 5 eggs she sat on (chicks are so adorable!) and I have another broody hen due in about a week.

Finally got a huge veggie garden (raised beds) built. Just yesterday planted 2 kinds of cabbage and 1 kind of lettuce. Have cauliflower, broccoli and potatoes ready to go in soon.

Getting ready to order the fruit and nut trees and bushes. Then once we receive them, got lots of holes to dig, fertilize and plant them.  Still need to build 2 more chicken coops, fence off the soon-to-be orchard, build another goat house and fence off the new girls goat pen. Oh, and plow the small field for grains like hulless oats, amaranth, millet, and alfalfa.

So you see, I'm just swamped. I haven't even had time to do any writing lately! IF you would like to be a guest contributor, like writing a weekly column, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible! I usually only check e-mails once a day but I'll get back with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your concern.

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