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At last count, we have 17 girls outside (from 3 months to 2 years) with their 1 rooster, and a rooster run with 6 boys we hatched ourselves.

INSIDE, however, we have 31 chicks (mostly black australorp and red star) in our garage. Most are almost 2 months old but there are 2 a little older. Thank goodness for pine shavings! Whew!  And in our kitchen, we HAD 20 easter egger chicks (day-old) but 3 have already died and another 2-3 look kinda bad.

We're ready for almost any storm we get out here but still wish we had a solar pump on our well and solar panels on our roof. However, with my kid's medical expenses mounting and brain surgery looming, it's just not feasible.

Please keep us in your thoughts.

Vikki at Rosemary Ridge


John Doe said...

I've had about 50 chickens since 1993. They are "free range" and roost in the pine trees at night. Overall, they've cost me more for feed than I've gained in free eggs. Still, I keep them against the day when we might be on our own.

Anonymous said...

Well all my girls out here to on the eastern plains say hi to their fellow ladies and wish them a warm spring with many healthy chicks! We free range them as much as possible and on a chick note we ordered our chicks last year through buckos in limon. All lived and have even kept laying in the super cold we had a couple weeks ago. I had a heck of a time with chicks last year these were my 3rd batch and are still doing great. I plan on getting more once it starts warming up.