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Prepping post LONG over-due!

So sorry I haven't written in a while. Life in Colorado is quite the rollercoaster ride!

First this past Winter wasn't much of a Winter! Warm with an OCCASIONAL bit of snow.  Spring? Warm, chilly, HOT, chilly and now, 4 days before Summer, it still hasn't made up its mind.

Plus the tornadoes, hail storms, constant rain.

I've lost all the garden I've planted. What the hail didn't get, my escaping goats did.

Also been a rough year for our animals. We've lost one doe and 7 goat babies, 8 turkey poults, 2 chickens plus a rooster that was grabbed by something the other night. I hear other people are having a rough year too, with farm animals.

I was nearly finished revising this book (I took it down from Amazon while I did so) then the wonderful ladies at a FB group for Family Preparedness mentioned, oh, 15-20 more scenarios I really need to address!

Love the cover! Do you?

Hoping to release it by the end of July. Shortly thereafter, I will have the audio book released on Audible.com and iTunes.

While I do that book, I am still working on my Healthy Meals from Dehydrated Foods book. (No cover yet). I have approximately 150 recipes but requests are still coming in. I love writing the recipes but it takes time to test all of them!

Stay tuned!

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